Jindřicha Plachty st. 18, Prague 5, Czechia

This year, the Czech Republic is facing its most significant whooping cough (pertussis) outbreak in a decade, with over 2,273 confirmed cases - surpassing previous records.

The highly contagious respiratory infection is rapidly spreading among schoolchildren and teenagers. In response, Prague health authorities have issued guidelines for school attendance:
Only fully vaccinated children can attend classes/groups where a case has been identified.

Unvaccinated children must stay home for 21 days after a case is reported.

Officials will verify students' vaccination status. Although antibiotics can effectively treat bacterial infections and prevent complications, early intervention is crucial, especially before severe coughing fits develop. Experts caution that individuals with whooping cough often struggle with dry indoor air, exacerbating coughing fits. To alleviate symptoms:
✅ Ensure rooms are well-ventilated
✅ Maintain lower indoor temperatures
✅ Stay hydrated with plenty of fluids
✅ Avoid foods/drinks that may irritate the throat.

Given the surge in cases, it's essential to ensure your child's vaccinations are up-to-date! Let's raise awareness to prevent the spread of whooping cough.

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