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Sarcopenia is the age-related loss of skeletal muscle mass and function. It’s a common but often overlooked and undertreated condition.

Sarcopenia is characterized by the atrophy and loss of muscle tissue, primarily affecting fast-twitch muscle fibers and their motor units.

The main causes of sarcopenia include hormonal changes (like reduced levels of testosterone, estrogen, and growth hormone), nutrient deficiencies, chronic inflammation, and particularly, the decline in physical activity due to a sedentary lifestyle as we age.

Proper diagnosis involves measuring muscle volume and assessing its function, such as handgrip dynamometry to measure grip strength.

Treatment options for sarcopenia include maintaining an active lifestyle with regular physical activity and exercise, dietary changes, and pharmacological therapy.

Strength training is currently the most effective and affordable way to prevent the progression of sarcopenia and improve many aspects of overall health.

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