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Have you heard of "sun callus"?

When exposed to sunlight, our pigment cells start producing a special protective substance called melanin, which gives our skin a darker shade. Melanin cells absorb heat rays and neutralize the effects of ultraviolet light. Under the sun's rays, melanin rises from the deep layers of the skin to the surface and spreads evenly. Our body develops a tan and a unique protective armor against sunburn and heatstroke. Throughout life, darker skin can protect the body for about 450,000 hours, while lighter skin offers three times less protection.

During tanning, the top layer of the skin thickens by 0.3-0.5 mm to protect the deeper layers from sun penetration. Over the years, regular tanning makes the skin rougher, forming a protective "sun callus."

This abnormal process accelerates the skin's natural aging. It dehydrates early, becomes dry, and develops deep wrinkles, age spots, and so-called solar keratoses, which are precancerous conditions.

Stay safe in the sun, everyone! Remember to protect your skin and enjoy the outdoors responsibly. ☀️ #SunSafety #SkinHealth #SummerTips

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