вул. Jindřicha Plachty 18, Прага 5, Чехія
prof. MUDr. Tomaš Trč Ph.D., MBA

prof. MUDr. Tomaš Trč Ph.D., MBA



Basic school in Kladno 1961-1970
Gymnasium 1970-1974
Medical faculty of Charles University Prague 1975-1981
Postgraduate education:
1st atestation of orthopaedy 1984
2nd atestation of orthopaedy 1989
Lectures of paedagogy 1988-1989
Lectures of apucunture 1991
Employment: 1st Orthopaedic clinic
Orthopaedic clinic 3nd Medical Faculty Charles University
Orthopaedic clinic of 2nd Medical school Charles University
1994 – until today
Polyclinic at Národní 2000 – until today
 Orthopedics, pediatrics and sports traumatology
 Total care for movement disorders, rehabilitation programs
Position: Chief of the clinic
Teacher of students of faculty
Member of Editorial board of Endoscopy, International Orthopaedics, Acta
Orthopaedica Cechoslovaca, Orthopaedics Traumatology and Prosthetics
National delegate of SICOT, Member of commitees, past vicepresident 2009
Editor in chief - Ortopedie
Editor in chief - Current Orthopaedic Practice - Czech Edition
Member of board Czech Ministery of health
Member of Board of director of hospital
Member of private orthopaedic clinic in SPAs Teplice - foreign patients.
Studying staying:

Stockholm Sweden 1985
Thermovision Lectures of the method – 1 week
Kurgan Russia 1989
Lengthenning Mission of Czech doctors from ministery of Health
- 1 week
India 1988
Surgical tournee of alloplasty and external fixation – 5 weeks
Switzerland, Wilhelm Schulthess Clinic Zurich
Alloplastic, Spine surgery, Arthroscopy – 3 months
USA, Louisville, Kentucky, Sport Medicine Center
Knee and hip arthroplasty – 1 week
Chester GB
Knee arthroplasty – 1 week
Wrightington GB Charnley Hip Lectures – 1 week
Texas University San Antonio
Shoulder surgery course
Loyola Univ. Chicago
Revision surgery of hip – 1 week
Scientifical work: Lectures – more than 300 lectures in Czech or internationals congresses
(Czech, Poland, Swiss, Russia, Canada, Austria, Germany, India, )
Articles – 110 scientifical articles in orthopaedical journales – Czech, Germany,
Switzerlands Great Britain, Venezuela, USA.
5 grants of Czech ministery of health (Hybrid endoprosthesis of the hip,
Optimal method for lengthening of long bones, Treatment of wounded
menisci of the knee, Mesenchymal stem cells in orthopaedy,
Development of healthy shoes for orthopaedic disorders, Optimal
Treatment of CP childrenand adolescents )
Books: Thermography in medicine – 1991
Are you waiting for surgery? – 1994
The first aid in serious injuries – studiing texts for registered nurses
Childrens traumatology 2001
Surgical treatment of cerebral palsy children 2008 ( with Schejbalová A.)
Minimal invasive hip arthroplasty 2008 ( cooperation with A. Roth).
Clasiffications schematas in orthopaedy ( in print )
Differential diagnosis in Orthopaedy (in print)
Scientific degrees Candidatus of Science 1990
Thema of lectures
Experimental and Clinical Results with Isoelastic Hemiarthroplasty
1992 – Habilitation
Thema of lectures – Lengthenning of the long bones.
2005 MBA
Finantial support of private orthopaedic clinic
2011 professural thesis
Lengthenning and deformity correction of leg in children
2012 Professor appointment
Interrests in orthopaedy:
Lengthenning of the bones
External fixators
Low back pain
Orthopaedic treatment of cerebral palsy
Childrens orthopaedy in general ( In position of chief of the biggest childrens
orthopaedic clinic)
Scientifical organisations:
President of Czech orthopaedic society 2002,2008,
Society of sport traumatology and arthroscopy ČSL JEP – vicepresident,
ESSKA (1996) Member at large of ESSKA board,
SICOT (1995) – vicepresident 2009,
Honorary membership

- Hungarian Orthopaedic Society
- Slovac Orthopaedic Society
- Polish Orthopaedic Society
- Slovac arthroscopic Society
- Society of Czech doctors JEP
- Israel Orthopaedic Society
Family status: Married, 2 sons

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