Jindřicha Plachty st. 18, Prague 5, Czechia
MUDr. Wisam Naddaf

MUDr. Wisam Naddaf

Master's degree
Medical University of Sofia, National Higher Institute, accredited by the National Agency for Assessment and Accreditation
USMLE & Cambridge University certified program
2009 - 2015

Certification issued by the Center for Medical Simulation, certification in ACLS - advanced cardiovascular life support according to AHA guidelines (American Heart Association).

Israeli medical license
Internship program for Israeli certification
2016 - 2017

Training according to JCI and IPSG in Israel (Joint International Commission and International Security Goals)


  • Medical first aid (Prague)
  • Prevention of harmful use of addictive substances and treatment of addiction
  • Psychotherapy for general practitioners
  • Radiation protection
  • Differential diagnostics from the point of view of a general practitioner
  • Basics of healthcare legislation, ethics and communication

Practice in Israel and Czech Republic

  • Sheba Tel-HaShomer Medical Centre
  • Fakultní nemocnice v Motole
  • Poliklinika Comfort Care
  • Emergency Medicine department 
  • Medica Mente Clinic Group
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Jana M

All perfect. Appointments scheduled very early, very professional and prompt communication, skilled and experienced doctors.

Iness Iness

I chose this clinic because of my favorite doctor MUDr. Wisam Naddaf. He always quickly makes an accurate diagnosis, prescribes the necessary drugs for treatment. Treats patients with great care. Thanks MUDr. Wisam Naddaf for your work and professionalism.

Марина Тесленко

Amazing customer service. Amazing doctors. I’m glad I’ve found this clinic. I was afraid of doctors, but now I can rest knowing that my health is in good hands. A rare gem indeed

Anastasiia Anastasiia

It was my first time visiting any hospital in Czech Republic. Thanks to Wisam Naddaf for his professionalism and sincere willing to help people in all possible ways (even remotely). I appreciate that a lot????


I’ve been a patient of Dr. Naddaf for a few years now, I have to say that he’s been the only PL in Prague who has been treating my concerns with seriousness and attentiveness and was willing to investigate my symptoms, I highly recommend Dr. Naddaf especially for those who struggle with a language barrier and getting an attention from their doctor. Thanks Dr. Naddaf I found out that I was severely deficient in a certain vitamin that’s been causing all the issues.

irin topalli

I am writing in response to recent feedback regarding MUDr. Wisam Naddaf. As a long-term patient and professional athlete who has been under his care, I feel compelled to share my experience, which starkly contrasts the concerns raised. Having navigated the complexities of sports-related medical care, I can attest to Dr. Naddaf’s exceptional empathy and professionalism. He has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of my unique health needs, especially regarding supplement use and its effects on the body. His careful monitoring of my blood work and his astute adjustments have been pivotal in achieving the best possible outcomes for my performance and health. Moreover, following a sports injury, Dr. Naddaf’s attentive and expert care played a critical role in my recovery. His dedication went beyond standard expectations, providing support and medical attention that I consider among the finest I have encountered in my athletic career. In conclusion, my trust in MUDr. Naddaf's expertise remains unwavering, and I am grateful for his ongoing commitment to my health and athletic ambitions. Sincerely, Irin

Elvira Chorna

Had several appointments with MUDr. Wisam Naddaf. Very detailed and focused approach. Consultations are professional and helpful. Thanks to the doctor! Also big thanks to the administrative staff of the clinic. Always polite:)

Mijgona Nuralieva

Moje zkušenost na této klinice byla vynikající. Personál, od call centra až po proces léčby, byl výjimečně přátelský. Jsem obzvláště vděčný Dr. Wisamu Naddafovi za jeho trpělivost a odborné znalosti. Je nejen znalý, ale také velmi sympatický. Díky němu jsem svá ošetření podstoupila pozitivně a naprosto spokojeně. Velmi doporučuji tuto kliniku, zejména výjimečnou péči Dr. Wisama Naddafa! ☺️

Anna Erokhina

Очень рекомендую клинику! Меня приняли в субботу, да ещё и 30 декабря, за что я благодарна ???? Очень помогли мне, дали ценные рекомендации, сразу же записали на контрольный приём. Большое спасибо доктору и всем сотрудникам ????

Ali K

Wonderful clinic. I have been consistently going to this clinic for about a year now to my GP, MUDr. Wissam Naddaf. He has gone above and beyond to help me identify an issue I’ve been having with my abdomen. He has referred me to all possible tests including ultrasound, CT and MRI scans to ensure that it is not pathological. i highly recommend Medice Mente and especially my GP

Sasha Pirogova

Dr Wisam Naddaf is a very thoughtful, patient, caring and kind doctor. I've been through a lot physical problems lately but I've always felt calm telling Dr Naddaf about it cause he doesn't judge, he just treats well and supports!

Svetlana Kozlova

Очень рада, что моя страховая сотрудничает с данной клиникой. Хорошо все, приятные и компетентные сотрудники на телефонной линии, чистое и современное пространство клиники, приветливая медсестра и конечно же врач профессионал. Спасибо доктору Наддаф за серьезное отношение к проблемам пациента. Клиника заслуживает всех 10 звёзд!


Dr. Wisam Naddaf is an exceptional doctor whose commitment to patient well-being, combined with their expertise and compassionate approach, sets them apart. Their ability to communicate complex medical information in an understandable manner, coupled with a genuine dedication to individualized care, makes them a true healer. I am grateful for the outstanding service and positive impact he has had on my health journey.

Majd Al Khouri

Had my appointment with MUDr. Wisam Naddaf, he was very professional and helpful.

Noki Motsweni

Very professional and prompt. Dr Naddaf explained my symptoms and diagnosis in a way that I could understand. He recommended a variety of preventative medication to take within my medical report which was very beneficial. Very accommodating to English speakers. I would highly recommend.

Maxim Dobrenkov

Хорошая клиника, был на приёме у dr.Naddaf, осталось приятное впечатление, врач уделил много времени и назначил лечение, которое в последствии помогло.????